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Error: SQL query and Gruop-Icon


I create a new gruop
 with SQL "ModificationDateTime >= DateTimeMinusTwoDays  AND NOT IsInRecycleBin"

gives me an DBISAM error # 10051 Invalid column name "IsInRecycleBin"

If i delete "  AND NOT IsInRecycleBin" the gruop works.


if i choose an icon for this new group
i get the icon what is above the icon i choosed.

So i had to choose an icon below the icon i want
to get the icon i want.

IsInRecyleBin is failing because of a spelling mystake in my program that is looking for IsInRecyleBin instead of IsInRecycleBin.
i will fix in next version coming out this week.

i'm experiencing same problem as you now in group icon, i will fix that too!
thanks for the bug report - lot's of improvements on the way for this program.


Iam think this Quick paste example is not correct ?

--- ---ex. ModificationDateTime > DateTimeMinusTwoDays  AND NOT IsInRecycleBin
will show all items added in the last two weeks that is not currently in the recyclebin
should be "two days"

--- ---.... DateTimeMinusTwoDays .....
...... the last two days....isn't it ?

yes you are right


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