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lanux128 good to know you like the software as I do. Regarding windowsizer, it seems nice, but it is shareware, however I will give it a try. Thanks for the info Nighted.

Tried windowsizer, it does not work with all kind of windows, and it does not have hotkey personalization, although all the functions can be launched from tray tool. It seems a little limited to me, but useful I wish it were free or at least cheaper. reSizer works with all kind of windows I have worked with, and it is free.

Forgot to say that both programs are not equal in features, both could be used in conjunction. But the issue windowsizer does not work with all kind of windows keeps me waiting for a version that works well.

if you prefer a rule-based windows arranger, try Skrommel's WinWarden. just like winsizer, there's a one-time procedure where you have to add windows to the list. after that, it's all auto-pilot.. :)

Yeah, gussan, WindowSizer could really use some hotkeys, and probably a price drop. But it's unique in it's features.

What is this "reSizer" you mention?


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