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What is this "reSizer" you mention?-Nighted (January 23, 2007, 11:24 PM)
--- End quote ---

i think he meant the program he is using..

Hmm...I think I'll stick with Sizer for most window sizing and positioning. When I'm moving windows around I'm using my mouse anyway. BTW, I have managed to figure out WinArranger and it works quite well when setup properly. Wish you could click the tray icon to reposition the windows though.

yes, reSizer & FreeSnap are keyboard-based.. glad to see that you have figured out how to set-up WinArranger, any tips? :)

The best tip I can offer anyone is to study the attached screenshot. Some applications have more than one rule in my list, here's why: After first installing, I didn't quite know what I was doing. I'd add a program and when arranging windows, have some goofy looking behaviour like the screenshot (lanux128) posted above. SlickRun was one of these, was frustrating...and KeyPass, wow, tons of little titlebars at the bottom of my screen. At first I was trying to set rules for every one of those objects that popped up when arranging. Soon I got it to work with one rule by deleting all the SlickRun rules I had set up and then just checking the one box, as before I was checking both the class and title of each object that was related to whichever program it sprang from.

The other rules from my first attempts are still there, so that's why you'll see some programs entered more than once. I could probably go back and do the same as I've described with SlickRun and remove those extra rules but it works that way and I'm VERY lazy.  :-\

Hey, long time, but I must admit that after using WindowSizer some time I decided to bought it, it is great as Nighted said. Of course, I still miss hotkey personalization, but current mapping does not interfere with any application I currently use. I would recommend it very much. Regards.


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