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Spartan Multi Clipboard



The Spartan multi clipboard sets a new standard in multi clipboard software. Its unique new interface allows you to choose from up to 150 pre-saved clips without clicking, scrolling or selecting groups. Just pop it up and click on the clip you want. You can arrange your clips anyway that suits you to make them easy to find - all alphabetic, some alphabetic or some highlighted in color. Spartan has all the features you would expect, clip preview, sound, keyboard only pasting, automatic web bookmarks, automatic email addressing, form filling, web logon, phone dialing, program launch, and bulk paste. It pastes graphic clips directly into Outlook Express ( You can even have it automatically reduce large photos) and it has onboard editors for both text and graphic clips. It even includes its own built in backup and restore system to keep your clip files safe.


Looks interesting and and it's nice to see a different approach to clip management  :up:

I have been running the M8 Spartan clipboard for a couple of months by now, and I like it a lot; I think it is worth the price. Only one little feature bothered me: Spartan has an activation button which will pop up whenever the mouse pointer reaches the pre-selected edge of the screen. But this would also happen in the corners, meaning that the button in my setup would get in the way when I was trying to close a maximized window. So finally I pulled my act together and wrote M8 and asked for option not to activate in the corners. 50 hours later I recieved an email from John Turnbull telling that my feature request had been met, and the new version was ready for download.

In merely 50 hours! Fine service!!  :up:

Hello guys, I open this thread again.

I hear about the developer of spartan is retired (i think he was not healty).

I went to his site and is down, and there is no way to download the latest versions.

He released the v22 for free, as I see on some forum (Russian).

It was a very nice software, not sure any of you got those gems at the latest version.

the site was here:

my latest version was 21.08, i really appreciate if somebody got the latest one.

This is the latest that i see on

The latest version of Spartan is 22.05

Upgrades.... Upgrades to the latest version of Spartan can be purchased here.

The list below includes all fixes and minor improvements.
Click here for a summary of new features by version only.

Version 22 (What's new)

25 Jan 2020 - V22.05
Bug Fix. Yp was starting on screen when set to start in the system tray.
Bug Fix. Scripts which included "Type Ctrl+c" were repeating if a Lazy Mouse was set.
Bug Fix. Script editor was crashing when Capture Mouse Position was selected from the Edit menu.

23 Jan 2020 - V22.04
Automatically turns off any Lazy Mouse setting while a script is running.
Fixes bug that caused the text clip editor and/or floating columns not to restore when the main Spartan window was minimized.

12 Jan 2020 - V22.03
Adds option not to have flashing question marks on the main menu.
Fixes bug where clicking on the Year Planner icon could cause a hang up

7 Jan 2020 - V22.02
Fixes bug where clicking on an encrypted clip then canceling when asked for the password could leave the edge activation buttons disabled and prevent the time updating on the Spartan header.

30 Dec 2019 - V22.01
Find and replace dialog now shows multi- lines(Enables replacement across line feeds)
Fixes bug where the text editor could hang up when the replace dialog is selected and the view is "On Top".
Fixes occasional crash when a graphic is pasted by clicking the clip name instead of a graphic button from an "On top" view.

21 Dec 2019
V22 released.

I would try to contact the author by email, but his domain is expired.

John Turnbull - M8 Software Support

Help me to keep this gem alive.


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