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HideDesktop v1.1 Problems


Using windows XP, HideDesktop v1.1 gives me the following error message:

Error at line 46.

Line Text: Run,
Error: "Run" requires that parameter #1 be non-blank.

The program will exit.


 :) Try HideDesktop v1.2!



I'm having the following minor issue with HideDesktop v1.2

Using directory opus, set for a double click on the desktop to bring up the default file lister.

Double clicking on the desktop 75% of the time tries to open the start button instead of the file lister.
No issues if HideDesktop isn't running.

Any ideas?


 :tellme: HideDesktop just hides Program Manager. Maye Directory Opus doesn't check hidden windows?


When right clicking at any place of desktop - a context menu gets opened, and when the cursor is over it - the desktop gets hidden.
I think the script should not hide the dekstop if a context menu was opened from a desktop click and the cursor hovers it.
I also think, that using such a huge delay is not needed, so I manually changed it from 1000ms to 5ms.

A second request is to make the process of hiding continuous: instead of instantly hiding the icons - it would be way more pleasant for eyes to slowly (let's say by 750ms) increase/decrease their transparency level.


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