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Request: little pop-up to choose & paste clips


Hi mouser,
iam very impressed from your CHS (too !)

But i think i didn't understand the functions right.

Please help me...

It this really necessary to open the hole CHS app
if i wanna insert one of the last clips or an Favorite clip
into my text document  ?

For me it's more nifty to have only a little pop-up
to choose the right clip.
(as alternativ of course, the user should choose in the settings)

Users should choose how many last clips should be showed in this pop-up too.

If i need the full informations or the CHS tools
i will open the hole CHS window from tray or with an another shortcut.

After choosing and pasting an Favorit, CHS should minimize on its own.

- i press Ctrl+Alt+V
- CHS appears
- i choose an clip and paste it per dbclick
- and CHS stays in the back ground open...

... shouldn't CHS disappears on its own
after i choosen my clip ?
(OK, optional, user should choose what behaviour he wants)

Pls help me if i miss something.


Right now i use CLCL how have a few nice options

- use Shift twice as trigger for popup (Shift+Shift) (also Ctrl+Ctrl and Alt+Alt)
- this pop up contain the history and/or the templates(Favorites), the user could choose
- this pop up is a simple window without borders and menu
- this pop up apears at caret or mouse position
- move over the items to see an Balloon with the containt
- you could costumize this pop up to launch the proberties of the clipboard app too
- this pop up disappears after i choose one item or press cancel or ESC
- CLCL could also launch external apps (and URLs ?)

- CLCL supports the WIN-key as trigger so i set WIN+V to past history clips (analog to Ctrl+V)
- and with Shift+Shift i pop-up my favorite clips

Request: little pop-up to choose & paste clips

CLCL one could found here with source:

(i also supported nakka with suggestions but he ask for japanise correspondence what is over my level )

what you are asking is a feature everyone wants and it is coming soon it just hasn't been written yet :)

It is being called QuickPaste - and it will behave exactly as you say - and you will be able to choose what shows in the menu by changing the QuickPaste group to customize it the way you want.

It should be added in the next week.  CHS still has a ton of new features that will be added in the upcoming days+weeks.  See the todo list in the help file for more of what is planned.

keep the suggestions coming, they're great!

clcl looks nice, i will take a closer look at it to see what features wouldbe nice to add to chs.

quick paste is finally implemented - pops up a short menu on trigger of hotkey for easy paste recent clip into current document.


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