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Process Tamer won't work

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This is precisely the type of program I've been seeking, but it doesn't seem to work on my W2K system. As I write, my CPU utilization has been pegged at ~100% due to a Panda antivirus scan, but PT apparently hasn't acted (it IS enabled). I have yet to get it to act in a few days of testing. Any suggestions? Thanks.

It doesn't reduce the CPU usage of a process, it changes that priority of the process.  The way to test it is to bring up your task manager, right click the process in question, point to 'Set Priority' and see what is checked.  If it's on low, then Process Tamer is doing what it's supposed to be doing.  The objective of the program is not to reduce CPU usage, but to make it so windows won't become unresponsive while a program is using a great deal of processing power.  That said, it works fine on my Win2k machine.

I understand that. However, the system tray icon has yet to indicate that it's acted on any process, and my system was as unresponsive with PT as without.

(Incidentally, the bubble, which I have yet to see, apparently misspells Priority.)

yeah, i saw that bubble spelling error and it's correct in new beta.

let me upload my test app that eats all cpu cycles fo easier testing.  give me 1 few minutes.

what OS do you have longrun?  Process Tamer only works on WinXp/2k/NT, not 95,98,me

I'm using W2K. How will I find the test app? I appreciate your help!


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