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Streaming Media Recording Resources

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The absolute best place for help on recording streaming media is at the Streaming Media Recording Forum:

If  you can move that forum here, by all means do so. The popups are not only annoying, but also dangerous to newbies.

Here's the first one that greeted me.
Streaming Media Recording Resources

This one is dangerous to your PC's health. It leads to SpywareStormer.
See and do a in-page search for it.

A popup very similar to this one drew my attention once and I wrote a review of it.

Carol Haynes:
I went to the site too, and was downloading a number of large files at the time. Slowing down page access this way was interesting ... watch the status bar at the bottom of the browser window as the site contacts ad site after ad site (I gave up after a while but there were loads of them chuntering through all of which chuck cookies onto your system).

Not nice ...

I can't help wondering if this is 'ezboard' or that particular forum causing the problem?

i think it's just ezboard but you're right it's getting insane over there.

i think it's time move the forum over to

veblin, if you can read this, what do you say?

the ads are insane over at ezboard and the smf forum is better than ezboard in every way..

let's do it.

Well since the number of newbies doubles every other year (so it seems) I guess we can suppose not everyone has three or more pop-up / ad-blockers running at any given time. I guess we should seriously consider the plight of the newbie even if it's been over twenty years since at least a few of us were newbies. Remember 1200 baud modems guys and what a pain in the rear it was just trying to beat the busies on your fav BBS sites? So, yeah, despite the fact it's hard to fathom there are STILL newbies, it's a truth, so we should treat them the way we'd like to be treated. So, yeah, move the forum so it's more usable by all. [/size] [/size] [/size]   :Thmbsup:


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