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Oh, an update (of sorts) too: I downloaded and installed the trial for PaperValet 2.16 (thanks for pointing that one out, Brett). Very impressive for such a small download. One thing that I like about it is that it doesn't take an "everything AND the kitchen sink" approach but is instead a straightforward, simple, and easy to use scan manager. Of course, I don't think that I *need* it but thought I'd post to say that I like what I see anyway...

Have you tried this fabulous document manager <b><a href="">General Knowledge Base</a></b>?  It stores not only documents, but photos, spread sheets, programs, web pages, and other computer files.  It is readily organized as a free form relational database and has search, sort, and organizing features not found in other document managers. 

Just a follow-up: after tomos kindly posted a link to Ashampoo's new Batch Image Optimizer in this thread, I was spurred to action and actively sought an alternative to Paperport's wonderful image editing tools. I found that using a combination of Vicman's Photo Toolkit and Photo Editor provides the functionality that I seek. These are both now free. I went with an alternative, however: PhotoFiltre, which is available in both free and shareware versions. I love this app - it would be perfect if it had an easier to use straighten tool. I liked it enough to spring for the Studio version (25 Euros) and will be requesting modifications to the straighten tool. Why did I go with shareware? I want the tools in one package, not spread over two, and I wanted to support development of PhotoFiltre. PhotoFiltre has a much better GUI (IMHO) than the Vicman offerings as well. I'll probably be uninstalling PaintShopPro (v.9,X, and XI) soon, PhotoFiltre is that good and so much more stable, less resource hungry, and, most importantly, QUICK.

I'm still waiting to hear from Nuance about my request that they release Paperport's tools as a standalone app. My gut tells me that they won't be rushing to make it happen though...

Hi all,
Saw this and wnated offer up 2 cents. I am in the bus of doc mngmt. And we have two products one very high end and one at entry level. There are a few things to watch for 1) can you migrate data/file at a later date. With some its quite difficult. 2) What files types are supported? You may want to diverse at a later date. How laong has it been around? Many many packages are disappearingas they cannot grab enough market share to maintain. We offer free basic help so dont hesitate to contact us.

Thanks rbruce - I'll take a look. Welcome to the site, too!


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