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Last post Author Topic: Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for XP  (Read 21435 times)


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Re: Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for XP
« Reply #25 on: April 03, 2007, 02:03 PM »
The only thing X1 won't do as far as I can tell is index removable drives - my USB drive doesn't even show up in the drives list to be indexed and network folders are disabled in the free client - though they tell you to contact them if you want that functionality - not sure if that is available for free or if you have to buy a different client. It used to be included as standard.
-Carol Haynes link=topic=7925.msg56361#msg56361
That's a problem for me. I use a laptop, with most storage as exteral. I tried using a shortcut, no dice. Removable drives should be indexed.

I quite like the fact that X1 does highlighting. What's the use of knowing that a word appears in a doc that is maybe 10000 words!?

Can WDS do that? If it can, it is not very obvious in the options.


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Re: Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for XP
« Reply #26 on: April 03, 2007, 02:31 PM »
So I installed WDS 3.01 again and now no reindex mania. Practically same conditions except a minor update to Kaspersky AV. I would think difference is Ive yet to add that many folders. Last time I included almost everything from start, this time I add one at a time. Did exclude some irelevant folders like Temp etc. but most were target. Will assume that was problem.

So the only thing that should need to be recrawled on start-up would be network shares, Outlook versions prior to 2007, and the IE history cache.  If you use Outlook 2007 and haven't installed the IE history or UNC/FAT add-ins, then nothing should ever need to be recrawled in WDS 3.0.  That's because WDS 3.0 can read filesystem changes from the USN change journal to make sure it's in sync, and Outlook 2007 knows what has and hasn't been indexed since it "pushes" data into the index instead of having it be crawled like previous version of Outlook.

In those other cases, the indexer doesn't know what's changed since the last time it was running - so it needs to do what we call an "incremental" crawl.  It does not mean that everything gets re-indexed.  What it means is that the indexer will walk the folder hierarchy of those datastores, and determine which folders have changes in them.  When it finds a folder that has changed, it will go into it and look for the items that have changed (added/modified/deleted), and only process items that have changed.

If you were seeing a complete reindex, or items indexed resetting to 0, or were seeing something like what I described above without having any of those add-ins involved (or with Outlook 2007), then that is not expected behavior and could be a bug, incompatibility, or some form of corruption.