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IDEA: An "Alt+Tab"-type clipboard utility

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Hmm. That's an awful lot of Tab presses if the clip you want is way down the list!

Why don't you have a look at the M8 multi clipboard. The way that works is that you choose a function key to activate it. When you use the function key, it pops up and all the clips have a letter (A to Z) next to them. Type the letter next to the clip you want and it pastes in.

They have a free version does up to 25 clips 0r you can fork out $30 for the big one.


JohnTurnbull: since you were the one who made this post, i suppose you're somehow associated with Spartan multi clipboard. If that's the case, you should make that noted in your posts.

PS: I'm not saying you can't post about it, or that i don't think that software would or would not be right for this situation. I'm just asking you to obey the forum's rules.


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