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Best Archive Manager Review: Suggestions

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I've been searching (weeks)for:
a explorer-like GUI of Self Package (SFX) where you can drag n' drop files into the archive.(or prompt for password).. the idea is to make it a self-container (the files and the application) for easy distribution of files.. similar to "fSekrit" notes.. making it portable..
-psionics (October 29, 2007, 09:57 AM)
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That sparks an idea. Well, this may be exactly what you are looking for, but I have never seen fSekrit, so I don't know if it is what you are looking for but...

An EXE that you can just copy/drag&drop where you wanted. For example from USB to desktop and back. If you double-click on the application (run it) it opens up, as it is a SFX and displays the files so you can extract them via double-click or drag&drop. You then close the program. With the you can then just drag&drop files on to the icon and it adds or updates the file into the SFX. You could even have options for it to automatically rename files in the archive with a datetime stamp to create versions of a file instead of overwriting it.

This is one of those ideas that is either 1) a hundred people have already written such an application or B) a hundred people are slapping their foreheads going "Why didn't I think of that? That is such a simple idea."

Hi iphigenie, as for creation of self extracting archives with PeaZip (btw: today it was updated to 1.9.3 release) the quickest way is using "+ Add to self-extracting archive" entry in SendTo menu.
It can directly send multiple files and directories to a single sfx archive, the number of files which can be passed in that way depends on the host Operating System. The resulting executable is authomatically named as the first selected object.

If you prefer to have more fine grained options you should instead use "+ Add to archive" entry in SendTo, select 7z format (which is the default one) and flag "Create self-extracting archive" checkbox in Options tab; in this way you can add multiple files/dirs at once and you can add/remove items from PeaZip's GUI too.
Another way just a bit different is using "+ Add to separate archive(s)" from context menu, which send each input to a separate archive; that entry is meant to allow users to process in parallel many objects, i.e. a directory of files which I want to be individually compressed, but not consolidated in a single archive (the same, sending multiple objects to be processed in parallel, is possible for extraction too).

Welcome to the site giorgio! Glad to have you stop by  :up:

Thanks giorgio  :Thmbsup:

I thought you could do it with peazip but when I tried it it named the file with the name of the first one and I mistakenly thought "hmm, maybe it only does one file at a time". Glad to know my first instinct was right.

Peazip is my compression tool of choice, I have mentioned it here a few times. Clean, simple, powerful enough for everything I can think of but with no unnecessary clutter... just lovely. The name is great too :D

Ok, to clear the info:
im looking for someone who can code this apps. or similar

"a Self Package (SFX) ~ .exe with explorer-like GUI"

* Drag n Drop files inside that box (there is only two way)
* updates(overwrites) the file when there's duplicate
* able to delete the file inside by pressing del key or rightclick delete
* independent, which mean, the extracting and compressing feature in built-in.. like a shell, a single file, self-contained, portable
* wish list: encryption function and password (or else, will just act like the default XP zip folders)

that would be great..

re: tinjaw
somthing like this, fSekrit(link below) try it also - but files are involved

Welcome to the site giorgio!

thanks for the replies..


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