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IDEA: customizable replacement for "safely remove hardware" icon

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 :) Does this one work?

Removable - Eject removable drives by doubleclicking in a list of drives.

- Place it on your QuickRun toolbar for easy access.
- Show drive letter, volume label, type, free space, available space, status and serial number.
- Doubleclick to eject, retract or disconnect a drive.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


unfortunately... no :)

from testing, it APPEARS at first glance to do an "eject" this is not exactly what the original application does, however it may be one step it does.
your application (minimum on vista, would have to test on xp later to confirm) takes the filesystem offline, but the drive letter remains enabled on pc
while this may be a good option for cd drives, (i noticed you list those too... so might wanna leave it as a right click option) and while it probobly would WORK for usb drives (though, not quite as clean) it does not work whatsoever on fixed disks (hotswappable sata drives) which require you to "uninstall" the drive from device manager, program may require a admin account after its fixed

thanks for trying, hope you can fix it... i was so excited till i noticed the problem :)

btw, the link on the name goes to idlerun, the download link goes to removable ;-) might wanna double check your copy/paste :)

 :( Apart from macroing your actions, I've got no suggestions. I just came accross some new functionality in AHK's helpfile, and thought I'd try it out.




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