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DONE: Barnacle - Add toolbars to your favorite programs

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 :) The next version will feature a more elaborate macro language, but so far you can only have one action pr button, or rather one action pr mouse button. But you can use AHK to make a program to be run...


i've been holding out but i'll show my ignorance now (forgive me)...

can we use this to add buttons to things like photoshop or anything that has a title/menu bar?

if so then i think it's amazing - i just need to figure out how to do so.

 :tellme: Oh, was my description that unclear?

Yes, with Barnacle you should be able to add your own userdefinable, programmable toolbar to any window, or rather inside any window. And a different one for every app. With your own icons and tooltips, and your own left-, right- and middle mouse actions.

I've also made a tab bar for multi document windows (MDI), but I'm not shure if it should be made into it's own program, or included in Barnacle. It could also be made to collect non MDI programs...


This is nice stuff for Photoshop!
Donation on the way.

from the ini file: Menu,1&,3&         Activates the 1st menu item, then the 3rd menu item.
--- End quote ---
Please would you tell me how many choices are currently possible for the sub-menu? I mean in the example above could the 3& be 14&?

Is it possible, or might it one day be possible to get the menu to dock within the titlebar?

Anyone interested in Photoshop (CS2) icons can find a link to what they need on this site:

 :) I think it supports unlimited number of menuitems 1&,9999&, but the AHK help file says six separate submenus 1&,2%,3%...6&.

By dock with the title bar, do you mean to be placed on the title bar, next to the min, max and close buttons? I originally made Barnacle as a movable toolbar, but decided it would be better to integrate it inside a window.



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