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DONE: Barnacle - Add toolbars to your favorite programs

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This is a very good idea, I agree. Incredible what ahk can do.
I didn't even think that was possible.
Congrats skrommel.

The ahk source dies becuse it cannot find barnacle.rtf; running the exe version will create one, and the the source runs fine. Not sure if this is a bug.

Do you play Kingdom of Loathing Skrommel? I swear that icon is ripped right from the glyph for my favorite in game familiar :P

 :) No, but there's much fun to be had with Office 2003!

Seriously, I am a bit unshure about the legality of the icons. I want to put them on the site so everyone can make their own toolbar, and share the ini files with the rest of us. It would really help if all had the same base icons.

:tellme: What do you think, mouser?


Unless they are part of a distributable package, it is a flat out no. If they are in, say a freely downloadable program, like Word Viewer or something, you can provide a link for people to download it, but you can distribute it yourself.

I would suggest using something like the Tango icons, or the ones from Open Office.

i think a video demo of this program in action might help demonstrate it's usefullness.  maybe josh can make one.


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