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DONE: Barnacle - Add toolbars to your favorite programs

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i apologise for deliberately not understanding your initial description of 'barnacle', skrommel.

i think i'm just frustrated because i don't know how to create a toolbar. i'll make the effort later to try and figure it out. i'm just being lazy at the moment.

Skrommel: I think it supports unlimited number of menuitems 1&,9999&, but the AHK help file says six separate submenus 1&,2%,3%...6&.
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Thanks.  I was getting an odd behaviour due to something else.  I should get into AHK but, if I do, it'll mean dumping the macro software that I've used for years...and reconstructing all of my macros (I sure hope I commented those properly!)  I don't want more than one such utility running.

Skrommel: By dock with the title bar, do you mean to be placed on the title bar, next to the min, max and close buttons? I originally made Barnacle as a movable toolbar, but decided it would be better to integrate it inside a window.
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Sorry, I wan't being clear.  Yes, I do mean placed on the title bar. 
There seems never to be enough screen space with image-editing software, no matter how much monitor real estate is available.  With Photoshop in standard screen mode the title bar is mainly wasted space.  For most applications, though, I think the integration into a window is preferable and it certainly works well with Photoshop in full-screen modes.
In a perfect world I guess Barnacle would toggle between the way it is now and being movable.

Thanks for your interest! 

 :) That's actually a great idea! It's just painted on anyway.

And mouser, there really should be a Post your toolBarnacle forum, sorted by application or something, so everyone could share their hard work! Or maybe I should add an Upload toolbar to Barnacle's menu?



I've also made a tab bar for multi document windows (MDI), but I'm not shure if it should be made into it's own program, or included in Barnacle. It could also be made to collect non MDI programs...

-skrommel (January 09, 2007, 06:37 PM)
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Ooo! I've always wanted a way to put groups of applications into a tabbed window. Especially things like command prompts, etc.

I think that the ability to collect whole programs into tabs would be a useful tool.

Take care,

skrommel, let me know your ideas on what you'd like set up.
I can set up a special forum section in your area for it, or we can make a wiki for it, or whatever you like.


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