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Goodness! Is there NO Win utility to do "DIR /S/B C:\ZZZ\*.JPG > RESULT.TXT"?

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Why can't it simply offer a way to save search result to file in the "find panel" 's user interface or something like from right-click menu?

-tslim (January 05, 2007, 02:32 PM)
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Check out the Reg Hacks on have on Viewing / Printing a folders contents.  Might be able to quickly modify for your needs:
(bottom of the page - Print Directory / View Directory)

Hey Veign,

Just FYI: I believe you could get what you wanted from Directory Opus using a "flat view" and appropriate filters.


Hi Veign,

Thanks for the seeker link!

I just find out D.Opus actually can do what I want. After the search result is up, from the menu Edit->Copy Filenames->As full pathname (to the clipboard) then paste to notepad and save as a txt file.

I don't understand why the above is designed in that way? Why can't it simply offer a way to save search result to file in the "find panel" 's user interface or something like from right-click menu?

-tslim (January 05, 2007, 02:32 PM)
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You don't need to open notepad at all actually. Just do all the steps you currently take until the filenames/paths are copied to the clipboard. After that, just right-click a empty space in a lister and select paste (or press ctrl+v) and Dopus will create a new text file (by default named "Clipboard text.txt") with any text you might have on the clipboard.

Oh, and the same thing can be done with images as well :)

What I want is just the "search result" on a folder-tree for certain type of files be printed (path+file or full filespec) to a text file! That simple!
-tslim (January 05, 2007, 12:03 AM)
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You might like LS - File List Generator (for Windows)

WinXP's search can't be printed; I try (but never study in depth) and find that Total commander, xPlorer2 and D.Opus all just can't do exactly what I want????

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You need to look at Total Commander's addons.  Check DiskDir from the unofficial addons site

I have to do it the DOS way, ah! :( ha! ha! ha! :)

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That's the way REAL MEN do it, isn't it?    8)

Nice find rjbull!

LS - File List Generator (for Windows)

This tool collects the information about files and sub-folders under the specified folder or drive and generates the list in your preferred format.  You can individually specify your desired information types to include in the list. You can even customize the listing order and sorting priorities. The output format of the list can be chosen from txt, html, and csv (Excel's primitive file format).

This tool can collect the following information items: path, folder name, file name, extension, file size, save date. Then, the tool:
* Generates the list using only the items you select,
* Allows you to customize the listing order of the selected items,
* Sorts (rising/falling/no sort) multiple items while generating the list,
* Allows you to specify the file size unit from no units, bytes, KB, MB, GB,
* Allows you to specify the delimiter from space, tab, comma, slash, and no delimiter,
* Supports drag & drop operations when you specify the location of a folder,
* Includes an Abort button to stop the operation when a folder is too big or a machine is too slow.

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