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Goodness! Is there NO Win utility to do "DIR /S/B C:\ZZZ\*.JPG > RESULT.TXT"?

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What I want is just the "search result" on a folder-tree for certain type of files be printed (path+file or full filespec) to a text file! That simple!

WinXP's search can't be printed; I try (but never study in depth) and find that Total commander, xPlorer2 and D.Opus all just can't do exactly what I want????

I have to do it the DOS way, ah! :( ha! ha! ha! :)


I have a batch file in my SendTo folder that does what you want:

--- [email protected] %1 /-p /o:gn > "%temp%\dir.txt"
start notepad "%temp%\dir.txt"

You can, of course, modify the dir command as you see fit.

Then in explorer, right click on the folder you want a list of, and send it to the batch file.

I don't know much about AutoHotKey but I imagine this kind of thing wouldn't be too difficult to do with it. That is, it could run the command prompt, execute the code you want, and clean itself up with just a click or shortcut instead of having to type all the stuff in manually.

My Seeker application (donationware) can handle the searches and provides four different reporting modes (one is a simple text report):

Hi Veign,

Thanks for the seeker link!

I just find out D.Opus actually can do what I want. After the search result is up, from the menu Edit->Copy Filenames->As full pathname (to the clipboard) then paste to notepad and save as a txt file.

I don't understand why the above is designed in that way? Why can't it simply offer a way to save search result to file in the "find panel" 's user interface or something like from right-click menu?


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