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CounterSpy flagged files - query

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btw - for unrelated reasons i now use the nice freeware installer tools Inno Setup, so this won't be an issue for future versions of drag&drop.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - that's fine I wasn't actually worried.

Out of curiosity only what is c:\windows\iun6002.exe for?

the way these install programs work is when they install a program they copy the files onto your computer, along with an UNINSTALLER helper program.  iun6002.exe is the uninstaller helper utility for all programs installed using SetupFactory v6.00.2 (or something like that).

so when you tell windows to uninstall find&run robot, that uninstaller helper program iun6002.exe gets run, it figures out which files it should remove from your computer and removes them.

(different installers put their uninstaller helper utility in different places.  for example the new inno setup installer i use creates a file called:
unins000.exe, and puts it in the application directory when it installs it.  setup factory decided to use c:\windows\ presumably so that you would only have to have this utility once on your hard drive for all programs installed with setup factory.)

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - that's helpful ;)


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