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AutoFTP - v1.00.01 - January 1, 2007

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AutoFTP - v1.00.01 - January 1, 2007

    * First public release.

Version 1.01 - April 19, 2008

Supports Passive FTP.
Removed RAS.
Supports deleting files after transfer.
SMTP is Asynchronous.
Added space for SMTP Auth.
Added a more verbose logfile mode.

Planned changes:
Make FTP Asynchronous.
Add option to save verbose logfile locally.
Add option to cancel operation in progress.

What do you do when you need to upload files out of a directory at intervals?  Sure, there are several FTP programs out there, but most of them are pretty large, and are made for attended FTPs.  What this FTP program does is very simple.  It allows you to configure a directory, a server to ftp to, and an e-mail address.  Using the windows scheduler, you can schedule a job for the program using the /run:<configuration name> parameter.  Then when the job executes, everything in the local directory is uploaded to the remote directory, and an e-mail stating the success or failure of the job is sent.



Very cool tool  :-* - I think this could replace my "project_backup2ftp.bat" files :) - Can the upload be triggered from the commandline (I use windows-shutdown scripts to backup everytime I shutting down the system)? I dont know if this is the right place for feature ideas, if not, just ignore them... Here I go:

* It would be cool if the App recognices only changed files for incremental Backups
* It should be possible to zip the folder or the changes files and setting a password for the zip
* If it has an option to encrypt (gnugpg for example) the zip before uploading it would be near to perfect :)
thx for the tool

bye bye

It is possible to launch from the commandline... autoftp.exe /run:<configuration filename>

So in the example in the screenshot, you'd use autoftp.exe /run:Test

As far as the others, I'll look into adding the features.  Glad you like it!


This is something I've been looking at with a view of shielding the end user from the scripting process.  Problem is I'm having some issues getting it working.

Does it have to run off an FTP server or is it possible to have AutoFTP backup files on a network share e.g.  \\03kserver\IT_backups$\Feb\

If this isn't there yet is there any chance can add it to a wish list?


It's unfortunately based completely on local drive to FTP currently... I can see what I can do about adding that to v2.  Thanks!


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