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How to Share Your Programs with the World (PAD Files, installers, etc.)

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I think we need a sticky thread here where we can post tips and tutorials for how to announce your software and make it available to the world so people can find it.

Some topics to discuss:

* PAD files, how to make them and where to submit them.
* Installer Tools, which to use and why.
* Where to hosting your files, and webpage.
* Best ways to ask for donations?

Here's a sample PAD file from one of my programs, it can get you started (make sure you change all the info about author, company,etc.):

And very important, here are two online pad validator tools (never submit a pad file without first validating it):


There are also some free pad file tools out there, let's find and post some.

You can get PadGen here. It is a free tool for simplifying the creation of .pad files.

While you are there picking that up, take a look at other pages on the site. There is a wealth of info there about pad files, and even a huge list of links to download sites that will accept them.

And of course submit them to my PAD Database:

This will help get it some exposure.

Thanks App. I normally prefer editing my xml pad files by hand, but figuring out the program category official names are a pain, and these pad creation programs can really help.

Let's make a nice list of the top places to submit files.  I'll post my favorite places soon.

Note: You really need to have a proper little permanent web page for your program if you are going to create a pad file and submit it, rather than simply attaching it to a forum thread.

We are absolutely more than happy to provide permanent web space at for anyone who has freeware or donationware programs they want to put up, just send me a message.

[You are welcome to put google ads or whatever on the page - you don't have to credit us or anything - we just ask that you not break any laws with the space or host anything else that would end up causing massive traffic.]

There are other places to get free web hosting as well if you like, perhaps people can share their favorite places.


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