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FastNavKeys - Speed up the navigation keys

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 :) Too fast for your own keyboard? Now your can beat Windows' keyboard buffer!

FastNavKeys - Speed up the navigation keys (or any other keys).

- Change settings using Settings in the tray menu

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


Most accelerated keys work as expected, but the Up arrow key scrolls way too fast.

 :tellme: That is very strange, as there's no difference between the code run for each key. In what program do you experience this?


Any (EditPlus, Visual Studio 2003, Notepad, etc.).  It's hard to tell if the speed is actually different, but the strange visual effect when scrolling up makes it difficult to navigate.

 :tellme: I don't know what this could be...

I just uploaded FastNavKeys v1.1. Try setting it at 0ms 2nd delay, and see some fast scrolling!

 :) I have it set at 150ms 1st delay, 30ms 2nd delay and 0.0 acceleration, which is not that much less than the minimum Windows value, but it makes all the difference.

But be warned! Now, when I'm at another computer, it drives me crazy waiting for that slooooow caret!



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