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PesterMe - v1.00.0 - December 30, 2006


PesterMe - v1.00.0 - December 30, 2006

* First public release.

* Features custom nag message, tray icon, customizable timer, sound.
 Allows you to create your own repeating nag message that will popup as frequently as you want.


Main window:

tray icon with menu:

Custom message box:

Visit homepage for download.

Funny but could actually be useful.  Nice little app!

The screenshots show EXACTLY what I am using it for. It is sitting in my tray with those settings.  :D

I had a digital post-it note with an alarm set to go off hourly, but the sound it made was a little tinkling bell which rings only once and it shows a tiny little flashing clock in the bottom right corner of my screen...small like a 16x16 icon... just a little red dot.

It was much too easy to ignore. I need something much louder and more obnoxiously in my face for it to be effective, especially if I have stepped away from my pc for something.

With the right settings Sublime or Subliminal Messages could be used for the same purpose (without sound).


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