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Mouser please read


I'm not sure why you haven't answered my PM or my email.  I have done both telling you that a company wants to talk to you about offering discounts to the members here and you have not responded to either.  Not sure how else to get ahold of you so this is my last resort.  Hopefully you will see this and let me know you recieved my pm and email.  If you are not interested please let me know as well.  Sorry if this was wrong thread to post in.



hi chris,

i forwarded your email from june14 to cthorpe who is handling discounts and stuff on donationcoder.  i should have sent you a quick reply when i got it anyway so you know we got it.. you can imagine things get pretty busy for us and it can take a while for us to get around to these things.

anyway, i did get the email, and it's in the hands of the person who will follow up :)

-jesse (mouser)

Thanks!  I was getting discouraged that I was trying to help by asking someone I deal with on kind of a regualr basis to help out and then I thought I was getting blown off.  Thanks for letting me know now that you received it and have took care of it.



chris, here at dc we call that getting mousered ;)

  verb, mousererd, mouser-ing
  1. Having your conversation partner dissapear into nowhere without prior warning.
  2. Receiving a late or no response.

Don't worry, it's nothing personal, it happens to all of us at some point. :D Mouser needs to hire a secretary!

Well I wont take it personal then and look forward seeing the company that I reffered them to giving some discounts soon.  :)




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