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Do you use a password manager? if not, maybe you should

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password corral,


found via

Roboform is just so powerful in this area. I have never seen anything that even gets close. Aside from all it features it keeps each login it saves in an individual file. This means that if you need to sync several pc's (laptop, desktop etc) with the same roboform data it is trivial since it is not all kept in one big file that may change on both ends before the next sync happens. Add to that palm compatability, pocket pc compatability. Easily maintains numerous identities on and on and on.....

roboform is a great app, i agree.

KeePass - The Open-Source Password Safe

Open-Source: 'cus others could re-check the source for security leaks,
so this soft should be a little bit more secure.

Carol Haynes:
Another vote for RoboForm - it also gets better all the time with new bits and bobs added (like its customisable search engine in the current version).

Actually the application is so good it is one reason why Opera will never become a regular use browser for me (however good it is).

RoboForm works great in Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers (inc. Firefox and Netscape).

Also so far updates and upgrades have been free after the initial purchase of the Pro version.


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