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Hi, could you make it so that double-clicking a folder in the additional directories list will load that folder into the main search directory line? In this way, by unchecking the 'search additional directories' option, the additional directories list doubles as a quick menu of preset main search directories...  Thanks

It would be cool if you could add the option to pick the songs according to the BPM tag. As a DJ it would save me the trouble of having to use mix miesters bpm analyzer to tag the files and then having to use media monkey to sort them via bpm and create playlist. This way I could create random playlist @ say 92 bpms and have a different set almost every week. Cheers.

bpm is not really a standard tag type (that I can see).  the only way i can see making this useful is if you're tagging your songs with APETags (since you can make your own custom tags with it) and defining a tag called "BPM".  Is this how you're tagging bpm values in your music?  Otherwise, from what I've seen, bpm values are usually stored as metadata inside of different multi-track project files that tells the app what bpm the songs are set to; but not as a standard mp3 (etc) tag.


i just looked up some bpm tagging info fro ID3v2 and it 'seems' fairly simple to add a reader for this property; i'll have to play with it a bit first, tho, just to make sure it's working.


ok, great! i think i got it working (but only in ID3v2 tags).  I'll update the project as soon as i code in this new filter.

hi seedling

Been using latest build -- very nice and is working really well, so thanks for all your hard work  :Thmbsup:.
I have two suggestions, one I think is pretty minor and probably (at the moment) marginal, the other comes about from using RMTM with a large collection.

Suggestion 1 is a request really, and suggestion 2 is more a thought - something to consider -  more than anything else.

1) Is it possible to add support for lossy.flac files (see here: or really any lossy.wav file compressed with a lossless codec, ie files with the following extensions:

*.lossy.* (i.e. *.lossy.flac; *.lossy.wv; *.lossy.ape; *.lossy.wav)

It looks like the lossyWAV project is going to really take off due to a) transparency b) avoiding transcoding issues from psychoacoustic lossless compression formats (MP3 etc) and c) major reductions in the compression performances of lossless codecs on lossy.wav files.

I tried to add a lossy.flac file to my must have list and it wasn't having any of it - so it looks like RMTM doesn't yet recognise this format (hardly surprising - though I thought it might just look at the last part of the extension i.e. .flac).

My one other suggestion is to do with getting round RMTM's relatively long initial scan time (for large collections) to create a playlist.

It seems to me that there would be 2 possible approaches:

1) The easy (fix) method:
Have an option to load RMTM at startup and allow it to do a low resource/idle time only background scan while in the system tray. So when you choose to run it, it already has scanned the directories and only need to respond to the filters applied. Don't know if that makes sense - or is possible.

2) The nightmare method (in term of work - I would have thought - though don't know)
Use an SQL-Lite database which is refreshed on opening. Thus for collections > 10,000 tracks the processing is relatively fast. But I imagine this would require a re-write? :o   That said, I've been using foobar's foo_custom_info component which reads and writes additional info to an SQL database which is completely outside of foobar's core program. Thus wouldn't it be possible to use a similar method whereby after the scan RMTM writes the gathered info to a SQL DB and then queries that in the future, leaving it for the user to decide when to re-scan and thus refresh the DB of tagged and filename info. Anyway - I'm not technical enough to know if this is feasible or not.

Like I say, just ideas really.


i've recently had to do a complete os reinstall so i have to get my ide setup back up to snuff.

wrt new formats, i'd just have to read about it and add some kind of support. currently (in the initial search) it allows files based on file extension. when it builds a playlist it goes a step further and checks the validity of that filetype. i.e. if flac files are allowed and the file in question has the extension '.flac' then it checks the standard structure of the file to verify that it is, indeed, a flac file.  i suppose i could save a lot of headaches by eliminating this rigid check and just check extension only, but i don't like that idea.

as far as creating a local file store of your collection via a sql db file (or any kind of db file) i've thought about that before and do like the idea, but i don't see it happening any time soon. i'm not opposed to it, i'm just not all that adept in sql or database creation in general.

thanks for the suggestions


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