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A Dark and Deadly Path - v1.05.01 - December 31st, 2006

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that's a nice idea about random branches.

i'm afraid that a poor decision was made in the design of this program to organize based on the idea of one long audio file with time points along it that choices get made. 

a much simpler approach in terms of designing a game would have been to use a sequence of separate short mp3 files that play to completion. 

i should modify it to be able to work like this if there is ever any hope of people using it.

I have been contacted one or two times since releasing A Dark and Deadly Path in 2006 by people who were thinking of using it, but i've never seen anyone make a game using it.

That makes me a bit sad; re-reading the author's guide now, it really seems like it could be a fun system and it's a shame it's never actually been used even once in 4 years to make a game.

If it ever got some real use it would make sense to add features and port it to Flash for online play, etc.  Are there really no site-impaired people who might be interested in this?  :(

Lol cool, do you still do these? I'd like to participate  :Thmbsup:


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