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A Dark and Deadly Path - v1.05.01 - December 31st, 2006

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A Dark and Deadly Path v1.05.01 - December 31st, 2006
A super tiny little audio game engine

ADDP (A Dark And Deadly Path) is a tiny little interactive story game engine.

It works like the old Dragon's Lair LaserDisc game [1], or like those "choose your own adventure games [2], but is audio only and involves no graphics.

Basically an ADDP story/game is an audio story where the reader/play must choices along the way by pressing a key on the keyboard. The chioces may have to be made rapidly in quick succession within a narrow  time window which can add an element of panic to the story - and make it a particular appropriate device for for suspense stories.

Audio files are normal .mp3 files that an author records with standard software.  The game script is an .xml file with a format to be described in a separate file.



* ReadMe
* AuthorManual
Special thanks to Della for creating a test game/story for it!

Very interesting.  Can we assume you are going to build a sample game for it?

Can it be adapted to videos like MPEG to create a Dragon's Lair type game?  Or maybe something that uses still images to progress through where quick reactions flip to another image.

Either way I see this as pretty interesting since it could be used for other things besides games - not sure what but it seems like it could.

actually you could use it for videos by adding only a few lines of code..

just harder to make videos so i thought it might be a fun audio only project (i was inspired by the accessibility game contest).

Cool, you did it!  :up:


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