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Access to the IE URL History and storage of FARR typed URL history


I would like to suggest a way for farr to access the URL's typed history that windows keeps so that it can autocomplete them based on what the user has previously visited. This would be a very handy feature.

This would be easy to detect when the user is typing a url as all farr should be required to match is the http:// or https:// portion of the address (or even www.) and then access the url cache.

Also, perhaps a way for FARR to store url's typed inside the program for quicker access (perhaps store them in an autocomplete db on the users hd which can be purged at a user given interval, or kept indefinitely).

What do you think? I feel both of these features would add greatly to FARR.


i feel that this would be a great feature as a plug-in.. since Windows run-box can auto-complete URLs, there should an entry in the registry which Farr can access to do the same..

my plan for the next major version of farr is to make it heavily plugin based, so this would fit in well with that.  im reluctant to add too much of such stuff until then though.

i will however be adding an internal history thing to farr though so you can scroll through past launches.

Perhaps by typing "History XXXXXXX" right?


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