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new year - new start. time to try again.

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the new year is nearly here so it's traditionally the time for making fresh resolutions - or just repeating the same ones you made last time around and then gave up with.

i'm here to make my pledge again that i'll stick to an action plan during january and hopefully beyond. making an announcement that i'm going to do a set list of tasks seems to be the only way i can get such things completed - otherwise i drift off into other projects. i'm exceptional at keeping busy but terrible at staying focused.

so, if anyone would like to join me (again) in promising they will get a specific task done in january then please do sign up here. i think we did really well last time as a group and i know for certain that i did a great deal better than i normally do solo.

i've not actually decided what i'm going to set myself yet but i've got a few projects to pick from.

come on, pick that thing you've been putting off and commit to tackling/completing it. there's plenty of advice to be found in the GOE section of the forum so there's no excuse for not being capable - and just making that small vow here that you'll do it should be enough to ensure that you succeed.


I will join you. I was going to make the staff rotation tool for my NANY app, but that got pushed aside for the game contest. So, for January I am going to pledge to do the staff rotation tool.

Who's next?


Yes I'll go for it - its something I've been working on a while but I've run into technical difficulties so it could very easily get dropped by the wayside -

I will create (an impressive) PDF version of my CV (with work samples etc) in January

(even if I never go looking for a godamn job..  ;D
what was that English show, nudone you prob know -
gissa job - I can do that, gissa job [ad infinitum])

First... I intend to create a gate that has a house motif.  Kids will be waving out of the windows, peering arond the edge and one will be waving from the roof (I have "one" like this!).

Second... <palms sweaty, heartbeat increasing, blood-pressure rising> I think I am going to try another pop at Delphi. <gulp>


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