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IDEA: an indication that "start-up" is finished

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This does not seem to work on my development machine, It flashes a box for a fraction of a second, then disappears. The icon is in the tray & I can open the options code.
(WinXP SP2, dual AMD Opteron 64, RAM 4 Gig, HDs accumulate to near a TerraByte)

Another network machine is being re built, I am just now getting SP2 for it, has single AMD Single core. I will try it on that machine in the morning.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
thanks for another amazing quick app!!

thanks for the brilliant idea that lead to my new app!!

A little off-topic...
when I reboot my computer (when did I do that last again?) I time it with my watch- if my computers aren't up and running in a VERY tight time period, I go insane (and take an hour or so to optimize every spec I can).
I do this in various ways with some basic tools (and some common sense), here are my startup times if anyone wants to know:

My laptop (Windows XP Professional w/SP2) boots up in about...
From shutdown/restart - 30 seconds MAX
From standby - 15 seconds MAX

My desktop (dual-boot Windows XP Home w/SP2 or Debian Linux Knoppix 5.0.1 HD install - booting Windows) boots in about...
From shutdown/restart - 45 seconds MAX
From standby 10 seconds MAX

So by the time I press the power button on either computer and sit down the computer is ready to work or play full-on.
(Now downloading Skrommel's new app (IdleRun) to see if that gives me a way for my computers to ding at me so I stop timing  :))

I have used it on three macnines for several days now & it works just fine. I have fiddled around with the "settings" file. I changed the parameters & changed the message to "do something!" just for fun. This little app does exactly what I had in mind.

Hello, Skrommel,
Just downloaded "Idle Run". It installed easily in the tray and showed  -(minus) 97%. I clicked on settings,,, I am not into programming and cannot set anything. I came back 5 minutes later, and the tray icon was not there anymore but the space for it existed and showed -92%. Reinstalling the .exe did not bring back the tray icon. I have a dual processor (AMD 64x2 dual core 4600+). ??? I would love a negative CP usage. Is this what you referred to as possible problems with dual core processors?


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