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IDEA: an indication that "start-up" is finished

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sounds advice, f0dder. i hardly ever see my pc booting up but when i do i'm pretty disgusted with how long it takes. making a drink is just about the right time length.

I already have a way to do this.

* Turn on computer.
* Take coffee mug from computer table to coffee maker.
* Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee.
* Grab a doughnut. (optional, but good if you have lots of services that need to start up.)
* Return to computer.
You computer should be all spun up by this time.  :Thmbsup:

for my kid's pc, i use nircmd's infobox command with batchrun to put up with a small message box so that he doesn't click all over the place while the pc is loading..

Here i am on a family trip- pecking away on my Palm Pilot- hiding in the kitchen - following this thread... thanks guys-it could have been a boring day!
BTW the coffee trip is my usual routine but I just knew you guys were NOT the 'if  it aint broke don't fix it' bunch,  / it is fun to watch you work.

 :) Try this one...

IdleRun - Run a program when the CPU is idle.

- Run a program or show a message
- Change settings using Settings in the tray menu
- Shows CPU usage in the tray

To show when Windows is finished loading, just place a shortcut to it in your startup folder!

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

Some have reported problems with dual core processors, please let me know!



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