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Sublime v1 december 23, 2006

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daedalian thoughts:
This is a subliminal messaging application.  It displays an image and/or text on the screen at user specified intervals.  It's pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Sublime v1 december 23, 2006


excellent - and thank you for participating  :Thmbsup:

wicked, i remember asking for some thing exactly like this a month back ;)

* mitzevo turns all lock keys off.. :D

I had a play with it, maybe some things that you could add (if you wanted to, ofcourse :P)..
show this text/image every 1 ... -> the lowest value could be 1ms.. i think 1 sec is too long... well now
that I think of it if you do this for text then it would just stay on the screen right?

any ways, main feature that would be killer is being able to select a set of images to display, say a set
of flash cards, and also being able to set the speed at which they shuffle/iterate (as mentioned above)..

now that would be nice  8)

I must be blind  :tellme: because I can't find the link to download this one .. :-)

ooops... found it!

The program keeps wanting to connect to the internet... why would it need to do this?


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