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IDEA: tool to find selection box when navigating with ALT key

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 :) There's a Microsoft Windows setting that controls the width of the focus rectangle, but it is of course ignored in Microsoft Internet Explorer...  :D

It is not a very good solution anyway, 'cause it expands inwards, making things harder to read.

There is also an option in Internet Explorer to Move System Caret with Focus/Selection Changes, but this works on only a few controls.

I have found another solution though, visually searching for the selection rectangle, and it works very well for white backgrounds. So if the focus rectangle is either black or white, all is OK, if not...


 :) Try this one...

FindFocus - Find the focused control.

- Shows a flashing icon next to the focused control
- Not perfect, but it detects most of them

Very handy for mouseless navigation.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.



Superawesome. I'll check the program out. In the meantime, I'll donate. Thanks for your efforts. I'll also try to spread the word on the site and on FindFocus!

Spanky McGee

 :) Great!

But I see in your request that you wanted a hotkey activation, and this makes sense, as FindFocus is quite heavy on the CPU.



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