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Author Topic: IDEA: pgm to show what prgms communicating with what internet IP addresses  (Read 7401 times)


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It would be great to have a program that would show info about the connections my PC makes with those mysterious shadowy recesses of the internet. 
I think of this especially when my network traffic upload/download indicator in the systray starts moving and I hear the hard drive start crunching (and most especially for those times when I know I didn't initiate anything >:()

A utility that showed things like:
-what connections exist
-Addresses the connections connected to
-ports being used (as clue to exact purpose of connection)
-local program(s) doing the chatting
-Any possibly useful info about the data sent/received
-Also a history, maybe a log, that could be looked over and searched after the fact, too
-Anything else that might be relevent that I'm forgetting right now

Just one more thing:  as many will notice by the way my request was worded :-[, I'm not much of a networking/TCP/IP expert, so easily understandable displays of the information would help people like me. :Thmbsup:

Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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Try Comodo firewall at


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Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.5 has a nice active connections window.

Naviscope v8.7 has a less obstrusive view. It shows the active connections as an ever changing stack of lines attached to a toolbar.



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If you want (even) more detail, you can use ethereal. Warning: possibly this requires more knowledge of tcp/udp/ip than you have now.


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Active Ports by smartline software is an extremely basic, yet super functional utility.  Shows all relative inf, has a chart of the most commonly intruded upon ports, and their intruders, and lets you boot a connected address quickly.  I highly recommend it.
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WinXP has one build in. At command prompt, type netstat -ab