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One caveat I've been thinking about with regard to CHS and database functionality.  There should be an extremely user friendly way to tell the program "I want a clipboard extender" or "I want a database program."  The reason I say this is that many people arent experienced power users (if that isnt an oxy-moron) and may want to download a clipboard extender.  But, when they open the program they get blindsided by all this database stuff. THe reverse is also a possiblity.  In other words, somehing simple, like a three option radio button series, that allowed the user to JUST use clipboard functionality, JUST use database functionality, or the combination. 

THis may be overkill I realize, but I've looked at other programs for a specific function and even though I could turn all the others off, the complexity involved made me give up in disgust (AutoHotkey was one for a while, though I use it now... back then I just wanted a simple hotkey program, but AutoHotkey is so much more powerful it confused me!).

One more thought: with all this customizability one of the MOST important aspects of CHS' gui is going to be the options dialog.  Right now it's ok for just a clipboard extender, though even there it's a tad cluttered.  When (or if) you go to more generic database structure, the options are going to grow and become confusing for those who just want one or the other.  It's going to take a lot of work!


yep - this is a real concern.
have to figure out a way to limit the complexity - too much and the tool just becomes hard to use.

what i was actually thinking of is to have a core program and then like plug-in modules, which let you define different kinds of databases and wizards.

the main tool would not have any clipboard capturing.

then you would have a Clipboard module, which provided a clipboard database (with specific columns for that task), and options for monitoring clipboard,etc.

you could make your own freeform databases, etc.

and we could make other modules, like a ToDo list module, which would define a database and columns, and some helper functionality (like alarms,etc).

so the idea is that chs would become basically a database core tool for adding,editing, browsing data.

[this was the bigger idea i alluded to earlier]
and then make it easy to use plugin modules that provide special functionality for different kinds of data (clipboard, todo lists, etc).

Maybe one way to do it would be to have two different programs.  One for databases and one for clipboard.  THe database program could combine the clipboard functionality (I'm assuming that people who want a database will better understand the combined idea).  Both programs would look identical, but the options would be different, etc.  

In essence, this idea functions like the government: Tell people one thing and do another.  While you market the two programs as seperate ideas, they really are the same thing underneath.  It's just to keep people from having to use their brains.  (Perhaps I've been working for the government too long!)


PS - after having read your latest post, plugins may be the best way to go.  In fact, I like it a lot.  People who want a custom todo list can take the time and make their own database for it.  THose who need an idea to start with or just want to plug and play would be able to do so.... I LIKE it!!

if done right, it might do exactly what you say.

that is a little wizard could ask: "do you want to use this tool for clipboard stuff?"
and if they say yes it would engage the clipboard plugin, create the clipboard database for them, and engage it, making clipboard options now available, etc.

if they want to use the tool for notes,
it would engage that module, create a notes database for them, with the columns useful for that, and engage it, etc.

so basically the idea is to isolate the different uses as different plugins/databases.
if you dont want them youd never be exposed to their options, etc.


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