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ampersand missing..

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in folder node, *.lnk files with '&' as part of their name doesn't show the sign. i have to rename the file at source, only then will it show the ampersand..
 e.g Tag & Rename.lnk  --> Tag Rename
      Tag && Rename.lnk --> Tag & Rename

nice find!
i will fix.

glad to be of help! :)

actually i think this is a default behavior. it happens with "pstart" too, for example.
in windows, the "&" is commonly the variable to assign a shortcut key like this: "&Program" so it appears like Program.
that's why putting a "&" all by it self will return a blank space because lbc is prolly seeing it as the variable.
and you don't have to rename the file at source, just use the "&&" technique in the caption field.

Yes, this functionality is on purpose when you create your OWN custom node caption,
but what lanux is pointing out is that it is happening also when LBC displays the list of filenames in a directory, which is a definite no-no.


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