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Windows Logo key shortcut keys in FARR?`

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Is there a plan to add support for the windows logo key in farr for hotkey combos? I would love to be able to launch FARR with the WIN+Q shortcut key, which would totally replace the run dialog for me in 99% of cases.

Thoughts? It currently supports other keys (ctrl+alt+shift), just not this one.

yeah, a good idea.. in case you use AHK, i remember jgpaiva having a ahk script for this as a work-around..

Yeah, but I really dont want another process :-/ Otherwise I would be using something similar.

Hopefully mouser can work this in for 2.0 final :)

You could use mouser's tap tap which was made for these situations. It also takes very little mem :)

Thats just it, I just dont want another process running that I dont need. Mouser, is this a possibility?


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