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Crocus Contacts

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Crocus Contacts


This program acts as a secure digital rolodex, storing the following information for individuals or businesses: name, phone number(s), email address(es), picture, miscellaneous notes, and more.  Passwording a particular contact is optional.  All contacts are stored in a proprietary format and, if passworded, are only accessible once the password is supplied.  Supports emailing any contact for which an email addy has been provided.


congrats kyrathaba, great to have you participate  :Thmbsup:

Screenshot stays the same, but I have a better, smaller installation here:

I don't like the .NET installer :(  So this uses a freeware installer.  No the prettiest, but no bloat from bells and whistles, and works.

Enjoyed participating :)  I plan on doing a remake of this app.  This was my first-ever Windows application .  It's done in C#.  I've never had any formal programming training, and got interested in programming after I got a computer in the late 90s.  I learned a little bit on QBASIC (anyone remember that, lol?)  But .NET was my first introduction ever to Windows and OO programming.  My programming skills are not advanced, but I'm going to try to add a feature to Crocus Contacts that will allow the user to archive contacts into one .zip archive, for backup on their website or a CD.

congrats kyrathaba, great to see your program.

May I refer you this link -it may give you some ideas to improve your program ?

I use it but face some usability/data loss problems hence looking for alternate addressbook/PIM which robust and can handle over 100,000 entries to maybe a million or so ? Categories/Groups are essential for me . 

Thanks for your kind efforts 


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