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Lintalist - searchable interactive text to copy & paste with plugins

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... use it to tab to the first editable box on a page and nothing happens.-nickodemos (September 22, 2023, 07:19 AM)
--- End quote ---
That is not surprising as it doesn't send the text but pastes it, so it isn't sending "tab tab tab + text" but just "^v"

You could try make it a script, if you know it is always 3 tabs:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---Send {Tab 3} Sleep 100Send ^v
When it comes to browser automation relying on clicks and tabs is too tricky and you should really look into other options (also via AutoHotkey) - in no particular order:
* Rufaydium (using webdriver)
* UIAutomation with a focus on Chrome
* Chrome.ahk

Lintalist v1.9.23 @
[*] New: Choice / FileList plugin: Image preview window (toggle w F3) (formats bmp,gif,ico,jpg,jpeg,png -- ) if the FileList has returned full paths (P option). If an option in Choice seems to be a valid path (a-z:\) it automatically opens the preview window. 
[*] New: Settings AlternateRowColor and AlternateSelectionColor (activated by default), see configuration. Also available in Themes (see 
[*] New: Search Gui, view menu: Save column widths manually + reset 
[*] New: Press Ins-key to insert searched text into Input and Choice plugin edit controls 
[*] New: Editor: load edited snippet manually from external editor 
[*] New: Allow TitleMatch to use ahk_exe 
[*] New: Show a "ScriptTemplates" menu in the Editor on right click 
[*] New: Choice plugin "Enable Choice to use typed in value" PR TFWol 
[*] New: Adding bundle name + properties to ColumnSearch using 6< 
[*] New: Expert option: Define additional tools and editors accessible via the Tools and Editor menu (see Editing snippets and Additional Tools in the Docs) 
[*] Fix: Additional check for StartSearchHotkeyTimeOut 
[*] Fix: Bundle (properties) Editor Gui +Owner1 PR TFWol 
[*] Fix: Editor Gui +Owner1 PR TFWol 
[*] Fix: Use [[clipboard]] in scripts (directly or via llpart1/2) 
[*] Fix: actually add ColumnWidthShorthand.ini to repository - reference 
[*] Fix: Check for updates via About, allow for "spaces in path" 
[*] Minor changes to docs ty @TFWol, "check for updates" and links in "about"


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