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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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just let updater install the plugins in the "Available for Installation" tab.

As mouser suggested, I re-installed all of the "available packages" in DcUpdater program (right click, install directly) and problem seems to be solved. DcUpdater downloaded the necessary packages and removed them from the list as they are successfully installed. Now all of the files are under the "Installed Packages" tab.

I was hesitant to install packages directly as I previously had problems using the FARR installer without the administrative privileges. I don't know whether this is solved but I'm just extracting files to the FARR folder rather than using the downloaded installer. If I'm thinking, I also delete the unused FindAndRunRobotInstall.exe file.

I just downloaded the latest preview version and I'm having a hard time making the plug-ins work.  There are folders for each plugin but they just have two files in them and no dlls... sorry, I'm probably missing something stupid!


Right click on farr tray and say "check for updates", then go to the "Available for Installation" tab.  Click "Check for Updates" on that tab to get latest version info for all plugins, then to install a plugin simply right-click on it and choose to install.

The idea is that now rather than bundling plugins with the installer (making a bloated installer and installing stuff people dont want), now you can easily choose which to install using the updater.  One of the major motivations for writing the custom updater system was support for plugins.

Note you can also get more info on any plugin by right-clicking on it and choosing to visit the webpage for it.  :up:

Ahhhh... you're assuming I am connected to the internet (complicated story, but a bad assumption). 

There is nowhere to download these plugins?  I found klipkeeper...



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