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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Yes. I installed it by opening task manager & stopping the existing FARR.exe. Then the install completed.

Weird. It is really supposed to be able to kill running farr process automatically. Maybe there's a bug. What OS and anti-virus are you using (these details might help mouser diagnose the problem :)) ?.

This is my experience this morning installing Alpha v2.00.135 on 4 computers. 
1. WinXP sp2, 512 RAM AV is Computer Associates & Windows Defender, updating from Alpha 2.00.xx?- HAD THIS GLITCH
2. WinXP sp2, 2 G RAM  AV is Computer Associates & Windows Defender, updating from Alpha 2.00.xx?- HAD THIS GLITCH
3. WinXP sp2  1 G RAM AV is Computer Associates, updating from Alpha 2.00.xx?- DID NOT HAVE THIS GLITCH
4. Win2000, sp4 128 RAM, AV is AVG free, SpyWare is AVG free  - HAD THIS GLITCH

BTW - I don't know why I went to the trouble to stop a process, it works just as well to stop the already installed FARR from SysTray. (like Mouser's message says)


if you were installing over a version of farr that is older than say 2.0.100 or so, then you have to exit farr from the tray before installing the new version, since older versions of farr won't exit themselves.

Yeah, I saw that, when I finally went back & READ your message.
Since they are all gone now, I don't know the previous version. But I try to update every time you have a release. The computer that DIDN'T have a problem is an old laptop that I haven't used in a couple of months. The others are almost always on, most likely to have had the recent version.
However, as you point out, that is probably what happened this morning.


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