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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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After all, i did have 2 minor requests:
I think the up arrow should do the same as the down arrow (go to the results) but starting on the end of the list.
Also, ctrl-left should only delete a word when there's a path there. I use ctrl-Left and ctrl-right to move between words a lot.

ps. i'll have a new version out by monday with the latest improvements.

Graphical errosr

Column headers. Moved the line between Score and Location.

Use Appearance fonts instead of hard coding the hideous Much$uck fonts, so it can look something like this

Here hard coding colors is obviously required

Been using white on black since the days of the command line and my eyes thank me for it. The logic: My brain needs photons only for information. Background isn't information.

This problem is common. Lots of software has colors and fonts hard coded. Just don't do it

The displayed black theme is attached.

v2.00.39 Alpha is now up - see first post for changes - lots of bug fixes.

Same download as previous top secret alpha releases.  If you want the link send me a message.

(I'll tackle some of the issues brought up in this thread as soon as i get my todo list down a bit - i think we are approaching a public beta for v2 soon..)

NO!!!! No public until we are satiated!

Good job mousey, as always :)


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