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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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But then the text "myapps" appears in the search box and i need to delete it to start searching for something other then my favourites.

on the hotkey configuration check the box marked "highlight search text" -- then when farr pops up with the text its already selected and you can just type new stuff to search and it will replace the starting text.

I tried running it from a USB drive but I am having difficulty referencing the usb drive without using drive letters.  Would you know how I do that?

from the help file:

The following virtual folders are available for specification in the search folder list. Using them won't effect search speed and can keep your configuration valid even if you use a portable usb drive, etc.:


You can also use relative directories in the search folder tab:

..\etc (up one directory)
\blah (on root directory of the program drive)

When specifying alias commands you may occasionally want to refer to the home directory of the alias:


--- End quote ---

Therefore I *think* you should simply be able to do \dir\file
to refer to directory \dir on the drive, or refer to %FARRFIR%\subdir\file to refer to a subdirectory of FARR.

please let me know if the \dir\file approach doesnt work -- i'm not sure that's been tested much.

Using %FARRDIR% as a starting point, you should be able to get to anywhere on the USB drive. For example


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