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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Maybe FARR should refresh system PATH (and other???) variable(s) each time it starts (with BREAK key).
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i hope this would not slow down FARR
since this is only required after installing a new software...

@mouser, why not create a command just to do that,  say ... refreshfarr
no need to refresh the system PATH everytime FARR is invoked...

just my two cents...
(but i think speed is really really important for FARR  :D)

yes that's a reasonable alternative as well.

I'm not sure when this folder navigation feature changed, but I used to be able to navigate into subdirectories that were found by pressing the result number. Now when I press the result number, it launches the folder immediately. I liked it when it would put the directory path into the search bar and allow me to dig deeper into files and folders within that folder. Is it still possible to use FARR in this way?

teegee543 -- it's still supposed to work that way, and it does when you use the alt+digit keys, but i'm guessing you must have the option set to use normal digit keys, as i just tried that and indeed it did open the folder directly.  this is a bug and im fixing it.

i've upgraded the alpha version several times. i see that in my Hotkeys list i now have 'Toggle FARR - Custom' defined 5 times, each time setting up the same (corrrect) key.

i assume there should be just one of these.



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