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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Thanks for your prompt reply!

I suddenly realized that I have a Start Up utility wherein I have chosen to start FARR on starting the PC up.
I unchecked the 'start FARR on start up' box and thereafter I was able to delete all remains of Files and Folders
of FARR from my system.
Once this was done, I was able to once again install FARR v2 successfully.


Re: Odd startup bug.  Original post:

The mysterious holding down of ALT is a classic problem that I used to get a lot in windows before XP. Now it just happens to me every year or something. I notice that your FARR shortcut has an ALT in it so pressing that could start and stop the odd behaviour.
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Thank you for your interest.  I've delayed replying to your post because I wanted the bug to occur again several times so I could do some additional testing...

-Does the problem disappear when you press the ALT key?
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No.  When in the middle of this "bug" (for lack of a better word), almost all input is blocked.  Like a stated earlier, the program acts as though the ALT key is being pressed down.  Pressing the ALT key doesn't change anything.

-When this problem occurs, go to another application (NOT by alt-tab) and press a key. Does the behaviour persist?
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To be honest, I never thought to try to run other applications while FARR is running.  After all, there is no reason to have the FARR window active unless you want it to do stuff.

In a effort to track down this problem, I did have an opportunity to give this a try and... When I clicked to other windows and did stuff (no input block problems) and returned back to the FARR window, the input block was gone.

Just thought I'd point out that it's not necessarily FARR's fault and it could be windows or even the keyboard.
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At this point there is no definitive proof that this is a FARR bug/problem.  However, since this idiosyncrasy only occurs while the FARR window is active (no problems with any other windows, ever), I have to conclude that this is probably a FARR bug.  Of course, if no one else experiences the problem and/or the bug cannot be reproduced, there is not much that can be done.

Thank you for your consideration.

I have been searching for an option to enable higher (above normal/10 or higher /13) priority for the FARR process. Am I missing something, or is this option hidden somewhere else???

(My mistake.)  :-[

New bug:
When browsing through directories that contain an "&" character - i.e. an ampersand.  The status bar doesn't show the ampersand and shows the next character as underlined.  (I appreciate that this is windows default behaviour on showing certain types of strings).


Thanks - Jon.


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