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History of IE, complete with screenshots


[via Digg]: has a history of Internet Explorer that goes all the way up to the present IE7 (well, actually its more than six months behind, but it is close enough). You can read about and see screenshots of Internet Explorer 1 (part of the Internet Jumpstart Kit in Windows 95 Plus!), IE2 (for PC and Mac), IE3 (MIDI support!), IE4 (Active Desktop, blech), IE5 (adding XML support), IE5.5, IE6, IE6 SP2, and IE7.
In true Microsoft fashion, I remember when it first came out. I wasn't impressed, but by IE3 I was hooked and Microsoft has long started down the dark path of building in obstacles for other browsers to work on Windows without consistent glitches and crashes. But I guess the sociopaths who write trojans and viruses and various exploits took their revenge and then some over the years!


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