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Stumbled on from a suggestion on alt.comp.freeware regarding 3d box art makers.  They have some nice small freeware/donationware multimedia utilities..

PhotoShape (Freeware 3D Image rotator) 
 Put a new perspective on things by rotating images in three dimensions. Results can be used immediately or carried over to other applications.
AviTricks classic (Freeware video editor)
 Try our popular video editor. A range of powerful features make it a serious alternative to expensive editing suites.
AviSplit classic (Freeware AVI/DivX video joiner, splitter and cutter)
 Our most popular program: a perfect blend of simplicity and utility. We’re well on our way to a million downloads of this one.
AviScreen Classic (Freeware video streaming and screen capture)
 Capture screen activity as video or bitmap images. The unique “follow the cursor option” allows you to zoom in on what’s really happening.
CombiMovie classic (Freeware mpeg joiner)   
 Combine two or more files into one continuous mpg file. Fast and easy for digital camera or Internet movies.
BoxMaker classic (Freeware 3D design/Image rotator) 
 A handy three-dimensional virtual packaging design tool.

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Here's another...
Bosseye 3D Box Shot Maker


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