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Firebug: Web development tools that integrate with Firefox

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Thanks superticker. That is a very good page you linked to. I found a few new ones for me: ViewSourceWith and Load Time Analyzer.

Nice little screencast of new Firebug Oops, site is down but video is up on Google already

Have to check for updates manually it seems, Beta 4 now

Firebug has a load time analyzer build in, "Net" button. With Beta 3 I got very slow Firefox when Firebug was enabled on all sites.  May be a beta bug or I have to disable Net monitoring under "Options" button. Options menu change according to chosen function.

dk70: extremely boring or video of the day but good presentation of Firebug by author himself. 100% brilliant if one has the need. Linked video from clicking top picture has better quality than from embedded.

At the end he says something about Firebug "Lite" being first attempt at IE/Opera version and project is open source and "waiting".

this thread should be revisited to see what people are using still today
Apart from firebug I like to use colorpicker.  Unfortunately it only works in windows so I have to use a 3rd party app for that when I'm on linux.

Firebug is still king.


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