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Real code vs. Code in the movies

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Matthew Inman has it right, and his explanation of each is hilarious:

1. Code does not move

2. Code is not green text on a black background

3. Code has structure

4. Code is not three dimensional
5. Code does not make blip noises as it appears on the screen

6. Code cannot be cracked by an 8-year-old kid in a matter of seconds

7. Not all code is meant to be cracked

8. Code isn't just 0100110 010101 10100 011

9. People who write code use mice

10. Most code is not inherently cross platform

1) it does when i scroll down in it :)
2) mine is sometimes :) depending on what I'm using.
3) You'd hope,- if not it's time to fire someone
4) Unless you're using >4 dimensional arrays.  ;)
8) Well, eventually that's what it compiles to.
9) I rarely use a mouse when coding, but that's just me.
10) No, to write cross platform you actually have to fork out the effort to use cross platform libraries instead of sticking to what 'everyone else' does.

Code can indeed be green - especially comments ^_^

And I certainly don't use a mouse while coding.

the real difference is that in the movies the coders are rarely cursing out the computer in fits of pure rage.  :huh:

I love how on CSI (I know there's lots of stuff to rant about on this show) every single database on whole entire the planet is connected into one easly queried app!  Forget HIPAA, privacy, data-sharing legislation and who knows what other legal and technological roadblocks exist!

I love to see a few episodes that say "sorry boss, we don't have access to that database", or "okay boss I should be able get clearance for that data in 3 months"

Not to mention all of their hugeo flat panel screens are constantly graphing and charing 3d images and spyrographic animations!  obviously they parallel processing fingerprints or something, which of course is graphically intensive!

There's my rant


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